Bert Seghers has been responsible for all IPC Quality of Service Measurements since 2011. These measurement systems provide participating postal operators with information regarding the speed and reliability of their processes which they can use to monitor their delivery processes and exchange terminal dues.  Bert Seghers joined IPC in 2001 as UNEX Quality analyst, ensuring that contractors for UNEX provide high-quality output in a cost-efficient way. In 2006 Bert Seghers took over full responsibility for the UNEX measurement solutions as UNEX Manager and later on as Head of Letters and UNEX. As of 2018, he has included RFID tracking as part of his responsibilities, overseeing service management for low-cost RFID tracking solutions for letter products and receptacles.

Before joining IPC, Bert Seghers worked as Intelligence Analyst for the Belgian Federal Police, where he was responsible for analysing national crime statistics and delinquency data.  He was also in charge of coordinating teams of Intelligence Analysts in the regional units of the Federal Police.

Bert Seghers has a Master in Industrial and Organisational Psychology (University of Ghent).  He also holds a Master-after-Master degree in Quantitative Analysis in Social Sciences (Catholic University of Brussels) and has successfully completed the course Quality Excellence Coach in Service Environments (Amelior, Kortrijk).

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Bert Seghers, Head of Letters & UNEX
Bert Seghers, Head of Letters & UNEX