International Post Corporation is looking for a Proactive Performance Manager for its Operations Department (see job description below).


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Brussels, Belgium

Application & Contact Information

Should you have any questions or would like to apply, please contact with your CV and covering letter. The deadline for this vacancy is 20 December 2021



    The job’s objective is primarily to offer operational support and expert service to IPC’s member posts and the INTERCONNECT postal operators. Support on request or by the initiative of the manager in collaboration with the postal operators is key to success.


    IPC’s Operations Upgrading Committee (OUC) as governing body for all related operational performance matters is the source of requests, baseline is the monthly OUC reporting pack. The service offered by this role will facilitate the measuring, monitoring, and driving of performance to meet and exceed agreed objectives between IPC and INTERCONNECT posts. The role can interface depending on member demand with a single post or several member posts. The role is designed to be fully supportive to posts in operational performance and process matters: this requires strong expertise on postal flows, IPC’s services and reporting tools. The role also requires on-site presence at facilities owned by the member post or part of the postal pipeline.


    The key requirements of the role are to:


    • Identify root causes and facilitate analysis discussions in operational areas where the member post is underperforming against the IPC/OUC performance indicators (OUC pack)
    • Facilitate the creation, alignment and approval of PPM assignments
    • Execute the PPM assignments as formally agreed: define, measure, analyse, improve, check
    • Liaise between the postal operators of the community to facilitate the exchange of international mail flows
    • Establish a PPM portfolio: support and expertise to be offered to the postal community
    • Ensure that operational smart solutions/best practices in specific operational areas are captured, documented and shared within the OUC and IPC communities.


    Reporting directly to the Head of Proactive Performance Management, Analysis and Certification Services (PPMACs), the job’s role is to also support, interact and collaborate with the sections of the team. The role will strongly align internally with the Network Innovation team, the Reporting and Analysis teams and the wider IPC operational organisation. The interface with IPC’s Certification Manager is also crucial to ensure that knowledge is shared and the Certification programme and process is supported accordingly. The role requires the engagement model to be fully supported by the OUC member posts as any PPM intervention will require strong internal sponsorship within the member post organisation.



    PPM assignments (desk-based and on-site):
    • Proactive OUC pack screening for potential PPM support/assignments
      • Pro-active support on low performance
      • Preparation on PPM assignments and formal request by the OUC representative
    • Identification of network issues (leg2, handling or handover, processing at OE, etc.) or operational issues
      • Defining scope and formalizing PPM-assignment
      • Analysis and identifying the root cause
      • Agreeing and formalizing work plans, action plans and supporting in implementation
    • Proactive dialogue with member and Interconnect posts to identify performance shortcomings and potential PPM-assignments
      • Eg. based on information shared via Proactive Performance Operations Telecon
      • As follow-up from OUC meetings, or in preparation to
      • As follow-up from Certification visits, or in preparation to
    • Active support to Certification Manager, when being requested as co-assessor
      • Preparation, analysis and remote sessions
      • Scoring and support on closing meeting
      • Identification of operational improvements and expansion on IPC services/tools
    • Coordination of PPM assignments and support to Head of PPMACs
    • Provision of operational best practices report supporting IPC smart solutions/best practice library 



    • COMPETENCE 1: A significant level of functional operational expertise in the international postal sector
    • COMPETENCE 2:  Excellent communication skills and the ability to engage and build rapport with stakeholders at all levels in an organisation
    • COMPETENCE 3: Clearly demonstrates an analytical, factual, methodical and structured way of working
    • COMPETENCE 4: Extremely focused on performance results achieved via a strong focus on people, process and plans with a passion for excellence and continuous improvement
    • COMPETENCE 5: Good project management disciplines and proven ability to manage and deliver results 
    •  COMPETENCE 6: Ability to synthesize complex information to produce appropriate clarity and level of detail tailored to any relevant target audience.




      1. Process improvement methodology/Project Management tools and techniques

      Proven experience in applying operational process improvement methodologies and experience of using project management methodologies.


      2. Experience

      Industry experience: 5-10 years in postal operational management, preferably in transports or an Office of Exchange.

      Experience in management consulting or project management roles in transport/logistics/posts or similar service industry are an additional asset.


      3. Qualifications

      Formal qualifications desirable but not essential

      Languages: Excellent command of spoken/written English, proficiency in at least one other major European language is an asset


      4. Performance skill areas

      Delivering performance results and delivering improvements at pace

      Influencing, virtual team leadership, communication, resource management, numerate, commercial flair, computer literate, process understanding, managing priorities