IPC’s services aim to enable posts to save costs or improve service quality by achieving synergies and enhancing cooperation. While e-commerce volumes continue to increase throughout the world, IPC has taken significant steps towards the greater integration of postal networks by developing the technical capacity for posts to offer a reliable end-to-end cross-border delivery service.

The IPC 2025 Strategy “Keep posts relevant beyond 2025” aims to help posts to sustain their strength beyond 2025 in the face of mail volume decline and e-commerce growth while fierce competition and disruptive technologies are arising.

At IPC, our members and customers are at the core of our business. We are constantly innovating and developing solutions for and with our members. 

Through our service platform, we offer cutting-edge solutions to adapt to new market realities and help posts meet evolving customer demands through technological developments. 

IPC is continuously analysing the latest developments in the markets and provides its members with up-to-date intelligence on postal and e-commerce markets, including newly emerging business models. 

By collaborating at a global level to provide an end-to-end service to consumers, posts can reinforce their competitive position on the e-commerce markets. 

Holger Winklbauer