Over the last 30 years, IPC has worked together with its member posts to develop dedicated and efficient services with a global reach. Since our creation, IPC’s primary aim has been to create solutions which enhance the postal industry and cater to the current e-commerce trends.

All IPC services are based on the principle that by working together, postal operators can achieve their goals at a faster rate, lower cost or with better functionality than by working in isolation.

Currently, we offer cross-border letter mail and e-commerce solutions services, which enable postal operators to:

  • Improve the quality of cross-border mail services by reducing costs and enhancing operations, while our performance upgrading is monitored through reports and exchange of best practices;
  • Grow their e-commerce market share by offering e-retailers and customers the same experience for cross-border online shopping as for domestic;
  • Benefit from global market analysis and consumer research at a shared cost.

Through IPC’s e-commerce solutions, posts are in a position to respond to e-retailers and customers’ needs for an integrated e-commerce delivery service at postal tariffs. Our services are constantly improved and enhanced to meet evolving customer demands and market realities. IPC offers more than 40 services to their members and customers supported by over 20 applications. All services have been presented in an easy and presentable double page format in the IPC Service Catalogue as well as on the IPC website, in order to give our new, current and future members a complete overview of what IPC can do for the postal industry.

The service descriptions aim at helping posts to gain a significant understanding of our services and an overview of our solutions that were created to face the current challenges within the postal market. We hope that this publication will be helpful and will provide services that will be useful to your operations.

Holger Winklbauer