DHL Parcel and Deutsche Annington have teamed up to offer renters another innovative solution for receiving their parcels.
DHL Parcel and Deutsche Annington have teamed up to offer renters another innovative solution for receiving their parcels. Beginning in April, DHL will install private parcel delivery boxes (Paketkästen) in apartment houses managed by Deutsche Annington, Germany's largest housing company. As part of an initial pilot project, selected locations in Berlin and Dortmund will be equipped with the parcel boxes, with additional boxes planned. The DHL parcel box will allow renters to receive their parcel items at any time regardless of whether they are home or not, saving them an extra trip to a postal outlet or neighbor. The locked box also ensures that parcels remain protected against theft. Customers can not only receive parcels using the parcel box, but can also send returns or other stamped parcels directly from home.

"When our renters come home their parcels will be there waiting for them. We pride ourselves on the service we provide our renters, and we want to continue providing these kinds of extra services into the future," says Konstantina Kanellopoulos, Head of Product Management at Deutsche Annington. The DHL parcel boxes installed in the apartments can be accessed conveniently via RFID chip or hand scanner, and can be used free of charge by all renters in the respective buildings.

Customers receive parcels at home just like their daily mail

"As the innovation leader in the German parcel market we have successfully established a number of innovative solutions over the last several years - all designed to improve convenience for parcel recipients," says Andrej Busch, CEO DHL Parcel Germany and DHL Parcel Europe. "Whether we deliver to the Packstation, the parcel box or the doorstep, our goal is to respond to our customers' needs and make receiving parcels as simple and convenient as possible." With this next generation version of the parcel box, DHL introduces the first solution for entire apartment buildings. Renters simply go to www.paket.de to register and receive their unique digital key for the parcel box in their building.

The pilot locations in Berlin and Dortmund will be fitted with parcel boxes with multiple compartments similar to the DHL Packstation. Delivery personnel simply place parcels in one of the parcel box compartments and the customer receives an additional notification in his/her regular mailbox. The personal parcel box key chip ensures that only the renter and parcel deliverer have access to the respective compartment. The parcel boxes allow apartment building residents to receive parcels at home just as easily and conveniently as their daily mail.

Source: Deutsche Post DHL