International Post Corporation (IPC) announces the departure of Alan Barrie, IPC Director, Operations and Technology, and the appointment of Carolyn Brown starting today as IPC’s new Director, Technology.
  • IPC current Operations and Technology department split into two separate departments following departure of current Director Alan Barrie
  • Carolyn Brown appointed new Director, Technology for IPC
  • David Spottiswood to coordinate the newly created Operations Department until appointment of a new Director, Operations

Brussels, 3 July 2017 – International Post Corporation (IPC) announces the departure of Alan Barrie, IPC Director, Operations and Technology, and the appointment of Carolyn Brown starting today as IPC’s new Director, Technology. 

The split of the Operations and Technology Department into two departments reflects the growing importance of IT and data systems, which underpin the cross-border e-commerce solutions that IPC is developing.

Holger Winklbauer, CEO of IPC said: “On behalf of the entire IPC membership, I would like to thank Alan Barrie for his huge contribution to IPC's development during the past six years. He moved INTERCONNECT from a concept to an operational system built on a powerful data system that is now being deployed.”

“We are pleased to welcome Dr Carolyn Brown starting today as IPC’s new Director, Technology. She will play an important role in overseeing the IT developments and ensuring the use of the INTERCONNECT platform by posts to full capacity,” he added. 

Dr Carolyn Brown said: “I look forward to helping IPC grow and strengthen its services so that posts worldwide can make the most of shared information and changing technology.”

Carolyn Brown initially studied mathematics at Cambridge and Stanford universities. Her first business role was as a senior research engineer with Hewlett Packard Labs. Since then she has been involved in senior IT roles working for companies such as Mercer, Standard Chartered Bank and Ikea. She has also been the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and a group Board member of Travis Perkins PLC and the CIO of Durham University. 

On 19 June 2017, David Spottiswood has been appointed IPC Interim Director Operations until the recruitment of a Director Operations will be effective. 

“I am happy to be able to count on David’s expertise from the commercial side to drive changes and increase usage of IPC solutions,” continued Winklbauer. 

David began his career with TNT Worldwide and then joined DHL where he held a variety of regional general management and operations performance roles, culminating in his appointment as Director of Global Operations. He moved to become Chief Operating Officer Europe of Rentokil Initial and played a key role in its restructuring. He is the co-founder of a company providing infrastructure and services to the e-commerce market, and assisted a range of service companies to improve their e-commerce capabilities and operational performance. The role of the Director, Operations will be to oversee the IPC operational solutions used by posts worldwide to enhance mail and parcel delivery.

The new IPC executive management team consists of:

  • Chief Executive Officer Holger Winklbauer
  • Director, Markets Herbert Goetz
  • Director, Technology Carolyn Brown
  • Director, Operations David Spottiswood (Interim)
  • Director, HR and Finance Chris Kalla-Bishop

About International Post Corporation
International Post Corporation (IPC) is the leading service provider of the global postal industry that provides leadership by driving service quality, interoperability and business-critical intelligence to support posts in defending existing business and expanding into new growth areas. It is a cooperative association of 24 member postal operators in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. IPC’s solutions and services are used by over 180 posts worldwide. Since 1989 IPC has set standards for upgrading quality and service performance and developed technological solutions that help members enhance service for international letters, packets and parcels. IPC engages in industry research, creates business-critical intelligence, provides a range of platforms and programmes for member post CEOs and senior management to exchange best practices and discuss strategy. IPC also manages the system for incentive-based payments between postal operators.

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