Approximately 212 miles from John O’Groats, the Haroldswick area of Unst in the Shetland Isles is one of the most northerly points in the UK, and certainly the most remote Royal Mail postal route.

The mail on the route, which stretches from Baltasound Post Office to Norwick, is delivered to Unst every day via ferry from the mainland. The daily postal load travels 57 miles in total - taking two ferry rides before it makes its way into postwoman Michelle McCulloch’s capable hands - which she delivers to the community by both van and foot.

The 30 mile route crosses a host of stunning beauty spots and points of interest, including a still-to-be-built space centre, and the UK’s most northerly Post Office. Having served the route for over fifteen years, Michelle is a pillar of the local community,

Michelle McCulloch, Royal Mail postwoman commented: “I feel very lucky to serve such a beautiful and interesting route, and it’s fantastic to be such a central part of the community as part of my job.”

Source: Royal Mail