IPC’s Global Customer Service System (GCSS) has seen over 400 new postal customer service agents from 37 member posts join the system this year. This increase brings the total number of users to 5,000.

Of these new joiners, over 280 agents have selected the EMS product as the default view, acknowledging the added value of the system for the EMS network.

The new accounts are widely spread: they come from 44 call centres over 37 countries across the globe, including 15 from Europe, 8 from Asia Pacific, 8 from the Americas and 6 from Africa and the Middle East.

This rise in new accounts follows the introduction of new improved GCSS joiner procedure. These new procedures were rolled out in line with a strengthened information security policy in the framework of the ISO27.001 Information Security certification – which IPC received in October 2019.

GCSS is a web-based application enabling the exchange of inquiries between postal operators’ customer service departments. It currently links 290 postal call centres globally in 190 countries, including all EMS members. GCSS will continue to support the EMS group until at least the end of 2020.