NZ Post has worked closely with the Wellington City Council to gain approval to operate the Paxster electric delivery vehicles on a 12 month trial. The rollout of these vehicles around the country started in 2017, and the vehicles have now arrived in Tawa.

The four-wheeled vehicles will ultimately be used for the combined delivery of parcels and mail in residential areas of New Zealand’s larger towns and cities.  They are currently being used in towns and cities covering 85% of New Zealand’s urban population.

“This is part of a national rollout of the electric vehicles and I’m proud that people in Tawa will get to see them in their local communities,” says Andrew Beattie, Regional Manager Wellington.

The vehicles can carry up to 200kg of parcels and mail but are still small and nimble enough to be used on the footpath.

“New Zealand Post is finding new ways to meet the growing demand for parcel deliveries. These electric vehicles are also helping us to reduce our carbon emissions of every parcel we deliver.” says Andrew Beattie.

“Previous trials - and experience from using them in other locations - have shown these vehicles are safe to use on the footpath. Our drivers receive safety training, and they will give way to all other footpath users,” says Andrew Beattie.

The vehicles are to be used on footpaths in Tawa’s residential areas. The vehicles will not be used in built up areas, and mail will be delivered by either walking or by cycle in these locations.

NZ Post and Wellington City Council will work closely together to monitor the successful introduction of this new service

Source: New Zealand