The yearly survey of IPC member CEOs conducted in January and February has now been completed. IPC reached an average satisfaction rate of 8.26 which is the highest ever. The satisfaction rate has been increasing consistently since 2014. The highest increase is observed for the value that IPC provides to the posts, for which IPC reached an average mark of 8.18 compared to 7.8 in 2020.
  • The overall relationship with IPC gets the highest score with 8.32. The information and communication provided by IPC has reached a score of 8.27. Both have increased compared to last year. 
  • Through the comments, IPC was consistently praised for its efforts to increase transparency and communication with advisers. The monthly CEO updates are well appreciated. However, members underline the need to further strengthen transparency, especially on budgetary matters.
  • The IPC Market Intelligence reports and the exchange of information on key issues such as ICS2, Brexit and the removal of VAT de minimis, are highly valued. The launch of the COMETS solution to enable members to comply with the ICS2 requirements was seen as a big success. 
  • IPC was praised for maintaining a good relationship despite not being able to meet physically during the Covid-19 pandemic and for its attempts to find operational solutions to ensure mail continuity. The successful transition from EPG to INTERCONNECT was also highlighted.
  • Members gave a high rating to IPC core services. The role of IPC in ensuring the compliance with the Stop Act and enhancing the quality of ITMATT messages was underlined. 
  • The enhancement of the cooperation between UPU and IPC was seen as a key priority for most members. 
  • Given the economic context, emphasis was put on the need to keep budget under control. 
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