Cross-border customers want to determine when and where to collect their purchases by choosing from a full range of delivery locations available locally – at Point Of Purchase (POP) – or to choose and/or change their delivery options while the parcel is already out for delivery. This service allows e-retailers to offer their cross-border customers the same delivery options as if they are buying from their local websites. It also allows Post to optimise their delivery network and retain their customers.

How does it work?

IPC Delivery Choice allows posts to enable e-retailers to offer cross-border consumers a full range of delivery options in their origin country. The solution provides customers with a consistent and seamless online shopping experience, whether they are buying domestically or abroad. This service is possible thanks to a network of Posts that have agreed to share their delivery locations to ensure their customers can decide where the item will be delivered. The process of using the Delivery Choice solution is as follows:

  • The consumer starts ordering goods online
  • The consumer chooses a delivery location or pick-up point, e.g. delivery to a retail point, post office, postal locker or a defined address. This process is supported by the IPC Translation Engine
  • The Translation Engine is a tool that facilitates access to delivery location data in multiple countries. 
  • This Engine is an API that users can obtain from the IPC Dynamic Merchant Platform (API Portal)
  • This API allows e-retailers to access delivery choice in the destination country using a standard message.
  • IPC Translation Engine is responsible to ‘translate’ the standard message into the format required by the destination Post in order to obtain the delivery options available at destination.
  • The tool enables XML requests for delivery points and redirects these requests to the correct data source. The data source can be either a remote web service owned by the inbound post or an internal database hosted at IPC referred to as the Translation Engine Light
  • The consumer receives a “ready for delivery notification” via email and/or text message and/or an app. The solution also allows the consumer to change or select the delivery method while the parcel is already out for delivery
  • The consumer picks up the parcel. If the parcel is not picked up within a defined period, a reminder is sent to him/her automatically via the same channel of communication used before


The IPC Delivery Choice solution brings benefits for postal operators, e-retailers and consumers alike:

  • The solution provides cross-border customers with the same service they are used to enjoying domestically from the moment of purchase.
  • It offers postal operators an e-commerce solution that allows them to attract new businesses and be competitive in the e-commerce market against integrators.
  • It is a flexible choice for e-retailers, who can use it as a marketing tool to attract and retain more consumers.
  • End-consumers benefit the most as this solution offers them the possibility to choose the pick-up point which is the most convenient and adapted to their lifestyle at the moment of purchase or even when the shipment is on its way.

More information

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