Cross-border consumers want to receive the same delivery notifications whether they’re buying from a web shop in the same country or abroad. This is, however, operationally more complex.

How does it work?

The IPC Notification Service responds to the needs of e-retailers and consumers by offering them an easy-to-use service for cross-border e-commerce delivery, which sends them notifications at various stages of the delivery process. The IPC Notification Service was built for postal operators to support e-retailers (large and small), by offering email or text message notifications to their customers about the delivery status of their parcels. 

The Notification Service is a custom-built application hosted by IPC, that can be enhanced and styled per postal operator and consists of two key components:

  • a customisable web page template where the buyer can indicate his or her preferences for receiving tracking notifications, and
  • a customisable email template.

By offering this service, posts can improve the delivery experience for their customers and therefore get higher cross-border e-commerce volumes.


For posts

  • The service is easy to set up, as it is based on data already being fed into the IPC Central Data Store
  • The service captures all updates, as it combines delivery status updates from both origin and destination posts
  • The notification service can be used by several operators
  • Easy pre-filled notifications from confirmation URL
  • The notification preference form can be branded in line with the origin post template

For e-retailers

  • The e-retailer can provide their buyers tracking notifications without any custom development 
  • The notification email includes a track and trace URL

For consumers

  • Customers can choose to receive notifications by email or text message
  • Customers can choose the tracking events for which they want to receive notifications
  • Customers can choose the language for which they receive the notification. Notifications are available in English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Danish, Mandarin Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, Thai, Cantonese and Malaysian
  • Buyers can unsubscribe to receiving notifications

How it works for consumers

Upon purchase confirmation, consumers receive an e-mail to choose their notification preferences, entering an e-mail address or a mobile phone number, selecting the language and the events for which they want to be notified. Standard notifications include departure from origin country, arrival in destination country and final delivery. Other optional notifications include customs information and unsuccessful delivery attempts.


More information

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