Putting customers on the map with geolocation apps is an e-Book by IT-related media publisher TechTarget released in 2014. This publication discusses various aspects of geolocation technology, including consumers’ fears about privacy, future applications and current best practice on use of geolocation apps the global market. Key findings include: location
  • Geolocation apps are the long-anticipated next frontier in mobile technology.
  • The ability to identify a customer’s location at key times and to push a communication towards them in near-to-real time opens sales opportunities previously untapped.
  • Companies which engage in location-based communication with their customers face technology issues, from integration of data systems to operating in a real-time environment.
  • Obstacles, such as privacy and security concerns still exist to a widespread adoption of the geolocation services in marketing.
  • Data integration with the existing CRM systems is of primary importance, for geolocation apps to become truly business-critical.
  • Best practice examples such as Starbucks, whose apps wirelessly detect the location of remote devices, such as tablets or smartphones, and collect large amounts of data about their owner.

You can view the complete report here