It has become essential in the exchange of international postal flows to ensure service reliability towards the postal customers from an end-to-end perspective. Quality monitoring and reporting is key for IPC and its members to analyse and improve performance.

How does it work?

IPC Service Reliability, managed by the IPC Performance Centre, supports IPC member posts and INTERCONNECT participants on operational matters. The service aims at ensuring that performance of end-to-end (E2E) quality of service for international postal flows is aligned to customer and market expectations, which are changing in the postal and logistics industry.

The service provides quality reports, relevant KPI performance data and reports for members to facilitate the analysis of their performance. The reports are used by the Operations Upgrading Committee (OUC).

The service also helps posts to improve their performance or to plan and manage periods of peak volumes. The Performance Centre’s main areas of focus are: monitoring quality of service and supporting operational improvements. This support will be strengthened by the IPC Proactive Performance Management service, to be trialled in 2018.


Monitoring quality of service

Monthly reports are issued to collectively monitor the agreed quality of service and identify performance gaps or trends. The Performance Centre provides network-wide information for the Operations Upgrading Committee.

Providing a platform for operational improvements

IPC provides a peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing platform for its members. Experts from operations, delivery, transportation, quality management and from the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) sector can help each other to solve and fix problems related to postal operations or service quality performance. The Performance Centre also manages a monthly Members Operations Telecon, which allows member posts to closely engage with IPC and other posts to share information and ask for support on key issues.

More information

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