Interested in becoming an independent UNEX™ panellist or volunteer? This page will explain how to become one.

The information below is destined to:

  • people offering their services to be part of the measurement
  • an existing panellist having troubles connecting with the panel zone
  • contacting the contractor for info
  • an existing UNEX™ panellist who needs to share experience with IPC

Warning: To ensure credibility and reliability of the results provided by the UNEX™ system and for being able to guarantee to the public the independence of this measurement, the participants in the panel, sending or receiving test letters, and their contact details must remain unknown to IPC at all stages. 
The panel is in the full responsibility of external contractors. These contractors have the task to find and recruit volunteers who will send and receive UNEX™ test letters from one country to another.
We provide here after guidelines depending on the reason why you are visiting the website of IPC. Please do not contact IPC directly except for the fourth case below.

  • Case 1: You wish to become a UNEX™ volunteer or panellist by sending or receiving test letters throughout the world: please do not make yourself known to IPC staff. Instead, you may contact the general e-mail address of one of the contractors below. Note that the participation in one panel is exclusive and does not allow you to participate in the other. The contact addresses are:
  • Case 2: You are already a UNEX™ panellist (we thank you very much for your precious contribution) and you have technical problems like accessing your panel on-line web page. Please do not make yourself known to IPC and contact directly the company managing the panel you are in, indicating your panellist ‘id’ and contact details.
  • Case 3: You are already a UNEX™ panellist and you have specific questions. Note that in principle, each panel contractor has distributed information packs to their panellists with the instructions and contact details and your on-line panel zone has also a FAQ section or ‘Help’ section. However, if you have lost such material or should the website not provide you with the piece of information you are looking for, please do not make yourself known to IPC and contact directly the company managing the panel you are in.
  • Case 4: You are already a UNEX™ panellist and you wish to share a specific experience with IPC which you feel IPC, being responsible for the overall management of the study, should be aware of. In this exceptional case, please contact the IPC UNEX™ team.

Thank you very much for your interest in UNEX™ and for your cooperation.

Best wishes from the UNEX™ team.