Asia Pacific Post (APP) is a cooperative representing 29 posts from the Asia-Pacific region with the objective of enhancing the quality of postal services, market analysis and strengthening the region’s network. IPC provides the members of APP with a full suite of reports for both EMS and APP ePacket items. These reports can then be exchanged between APP members to give an insight into e-commerce within the Asia-Pacific region.

How does it work? 

Data is gathered through the IPC Central Datastore (CDS) and subsequently, is conveyed to the IPC Business Intelligence Tool (BI) for reporting purposes. Reports are tailored by INTERCONNECT’s KPIs and include end-to-end and segmental service
performance, tracking event compliance and timeliness of provision of tracking events. Following the initial request for reporting, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between IPC and APP in 2019. The actual reporting service to APP is the result of this MoU.

Similar to INTERCONNECT reports, users of the APP module in the BI-Tool have near-real time information at their disposal and can make use of the slice and dice and drill-down functionalities of the system in order to pinpoint problem areas. Regular meetings between IPC and APP management address any potential issues and ensure the process of updating reference data is respected.


 • Member posts of the APP will receive a reporting service from IPC, based on current market and customer demands

• Cost effective solution and standardisation

• End-to-end reporting

• APP can build on existing expertise and services

• Ongoing service performance monitoring and data analysis

• Access to data quality monitoring and analysis tools

• Easy extension of reports through flexible and scalable systems

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